Couch potato dreams!

So it's 2:42 and here I am in bed, doing half sit ups to make myself feel like less of a bum today, instead of studying. 

Lately I've been horrendously slacking and I know it's coming to bite me in the boo-Tay in a few days when finals starts. I put in some effort but not a hundred percent like I would love to. I have this fear sometimes, thank you anxiety, that it will be too much for me to understand sometimes and I won't be able to grasp the concepts in the time, so I just end up giving in only have the effort. 

I'm just a little overwhelmed, and very burned out. I have been away from home for a year now, straight! I'm dying to go home and release the tension in my muscles and relax. I have a couple road trips planned but other than that, I'm going to be basking in the glory that is "home". 

As of right now however, I just can't manage to let myself get away from the idea of going home! I'm obsessing. An entire year of med school, away from home, can be very stressful and I often feel like I'm drowning. I'm so happy to be able to study what I truly want to, but at the same time I know myself well and I need to just unwind for a month! 

Any ideas on how to keep the focus towards the end of a very long year? (All and any students are welcome and encouraged to give their two cents, please!)

I'm back and I'm better.

I'm going back to the basics of blogging, for myself if anything.

I've been trying to keep up with the ever changing face of the blogger lifestyle, and I just can't do it. I don't have the fancy cameras, or the fancy closets and I'm content with just posting beautiful images of my day and places/things I find online.

The pressure of not having a beautiful blog with content just as beautiful to match is the main reason I've been away for so long. I miss being here, and finding inspiration and strength from the blogs of other young women. Whether it's make up, or medicine, or fashion ..I just miss being here in my zone. I hope I don't sound cliche, but my blog(s) have been home to me for way too long.

I think most of you know that I am in medical school, and I'll be looking for ways to incorporate that in my next few posts.

Just around the corner ...*

Autumn is just around the corner and I cannot wait for layering, and brown and leather jackets and lots of coffee. More importantly I cannot wait to start the beginning of my 3rd year of medical school (EEEK!)

I cannot wait to share with you all of my outfits, as difficult as it can be sometimes to stay looking presentable when you want to be in yoga pants and Michigan State hoodie!

Btw, all of the above gorgeousness is from here.


Bonjour mes amis ..*

It has literally been forever and ever since I have written in here, and I just wanted to check in and see if anyone follows this blog anymore? Oh darlings please tell me where you all are, I miss my blog girls and I miss posting about my closet and dream closet. I'm getting back to it as soon as possible, I also have a lot to share with you guys and I can't wait to get started!

(Here are a few of my photos from the last few months! -- can't wait to start posting)

Please let me know if you're out there.

So much love xo

A little update :)

I'm working on re-organizing my blog, so post of my posts are o

another update? yikes.


So after a very long time without an update, I've decided to turn this blog into more of an everyday blog. I'm moving to China in a few months and I'll be updating for friends and family who I would like to keep in touch with. As much fun as it is posting pics of my coffee and shoes, I think I'm going to be writing a bit more. I'm not too sure, because I suck at keeping up with a blog. I'll be doing my best to write a few posts between now and September. From then on I'll probably continue with the coffee and obscure shots of my feet.

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